Teams Room Office Fitout

Teams Room Office Fitout

Ingenia Communities Queensland’s recent office relocation to Hamilton prompted a strategic collaboration with SoundPoint Audio Visual to fulfill their comprehensive video conferencing needs. The modern office space features an array of video conferencing areas, ranging from huddle rooms and 4-6 person meeting rooms to versatile 8-10 person flex spaces, a state-of-the-art Boardroom, and an expansive Town Hall space.
With a commitment to uniformity across their office facilities, Ingenia Communities chose to maintain consistency by leveraging Logitech video conferencing equipment with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.

The VC deployment consisted of a range of cutting-edge solutions, each tailored to meet specific needs. In the smaller huddle rooms and 4-6 person meeting rooms, a combination of Logitech TAP and MeetUp systems were seamlessly integrated. This allowed for streamlined, effective communication while optimizing the use of space.
For the slightly larger 6 person meeting room space, a more appropriate configuration was put in place, featuring the Logitech TAP paired with the Rally Bar Mini. This dynamic setup ensured crystal-clear communication from the unit’s adaptive beamforming microphones.

The 8-10 person flexi-space received a wall-mounted Logitech TAP and Rally Bar system. This unique installation allows the space to adapt effortlessly to varying layouts, offering unparalleled versatility. The integration of the Logitech VC solutions with Cat6 cable connections significantly reduces table clutter, presenting an uncluttered and professional appearance.
In the large Boardroom, a Crestron Flex MX50-T Tabletop Conferencing system with dual screen support was deployed. Enhanced audio clarity for this large Boardroom is achieved through the integration of two additional table microphone pods, supplemented by custom audio emanating from front-of-room speakers and discreet rear flush ceiling speakers, ingeniously designed to accommodate the room’s length.

For the grandeur of the Town Hall gatherings, a Logitech TAP and Rally Camera system takes centre stage. This system effortlessly caters to large group gatherings, accommodating up to 80 attendees. The auditory experience is amplified through a distributed Bose ceiling speaker system, ensuring optimal far-end audio playback. A Shure wireless microphone, interfaced with USB, delivers pristine audio input into Teams. A large 4K HD 98” TV adds a visual dimension to the Town Hall space, ensuring every seat is the best in the house.
SoundPoint Audio Visual’s collaboration with Ingenia Communities in their recent office relocation to Hamilton has created an environment where communication knows no bounds. From the intimate huddle rooms to the grand Town Hall gatherings, every space is meticulously designed to facilitate clear, collaborative, and immersive communication.


The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by AVIXA. AVIXA is the association representing the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience industry worldwide.

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