Bose Church Sound System

Bose Sound System for Church

Bose Church Sound System

True Jesus Church in Brisbane recently partnered with Soundpoint for the design and installation of a state-of-the-art audio system as part of their church refurbishment project. After carefully evaluating proposals from various integrators, Lawrence Chai, Facilities Manager, made an informed decision to select SoundPoint’s audio design due to its strong emphasis on aesthetics, expandability, and overall cost-effectiveness.

SoundPoint’s solution preserved the existing data projection positions on both sides of the church by incorporating slim profile double-stacked Bose Panaray MA12EX loudspeakers. These speakers were strategically positioned to maintain a clean and visually appealing appearance at the front of the church. Two Bose Panaray MB210 subwoofers were discreetly installed in-wall to ensure full-range audio playback.

Given the church’s pre-existing use of a digital mixer and considering the distance from the bio box to the speakers, Soundpoint deployed a Bose PowerMatch amplifier behind the stage and connected it via Dante. The PowerMatch amplifier, featuring 8 channels, proficiently powered the 2 x double-stacked MA12EX arrays, 2 x MB210 subwoofers, and an additional channel was dedicated to driving ceiling speakers in another section of the church building, facilitating simultaneous audio delivery for broader congregation coverage.

The Bose audio system solution provided seamless and consistent sound coverage, ensuring a pleasant auditory experience for everyone attending church services. The congregation has warmly embraced the remarkable improvement in audio quality, appreciating the enhancements made possible by SoundPoint’s innovative audio solution.



The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by AVIXA. AVIXA is the association representing the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience industry worldwide.

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