Office Sound Masking System

Office Sound Masking System

The DCS Group have been operating in Australia since 2004 and in that time have helped over 11,000 people clear more than $100 million in debt. With a team of over 60 staff, the DCS Group are committed to helping individuals who are struggling with debt. With a large call centre space in their well-appointed Stafford offices, the DCS Group were looking for a solution to improve the privacy of each client consultation and improve the productivity of their team. The DCS Group engaged Greg Nuttall, from SoundPoint Audio Visual in Brisbane to recommend a solution for their call centre. “I have used the Cambridge Sound Management sound masking range at a number of client’s premises and felt that the system would also be a good fit for DCS Group’s call centre requirements” Greg stated. “The sound masking range from Cambridge Sound Managment is very easy to operate and fits in nicely with their modern office design.

Importantly, the system can easily be scaled up, should DCS Group need to increase the footprint of their call centre in the future. By emitting a low-level background noise similar to an air conditioner, sound masking reduces the intelligibility of human speech, which means that it is less distracting to co-workers. By not feeling interrupted by other conversations, each employee can feel more comfortable and less distracted at work.” With the sound masking system now installed by SoundPoint Audio Visual of Brisbane, the employees of DCS Group are now enjoying the improved productivity and workplace satisfaction benefits of the Cambridge Sound Management Sound Masking System. SoundPoint Audio Visual Design and Consultancy is a Brisbane based firm specialising in the Cambridge Sound Management range amongst a selection of high quality brands. Contact SoundPoint for your AV design and consultation on 07 3139 1533 or click here.


The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by AVIXA. AVIXA is the association representing the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience industry worldwide.

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