Mobile Video Conference Trolley

Mobile VC Trolley

Mobile Video Conference Trolley

For some smaller workspaces, the luxury of having a dedicated and fixed conferencing facilities such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom isn’t possible.  Also, social distancing limitations often mean that we can’t squeeze the same number of people into meeting rooms, and therefore many team members don’t have access to join a Teams or Zoom meeting.

To counter these issues, video conferencing trolleys are fast becoming an integral part of many workspaces.  With a fully flexible design, conferencing trolleys allow access to a larger number of people without taking up valuable office space.

Video conferencing trolleys can hold up to a 75 inch UHD TV and coupled with a dedicated all-in-one video soundbar complete with a 4K web camera, microphones and speakers provide a simple (plug & play), yet flexible solution, for any conference space.

With the ability to wheel the conferencing trolley between office spaces, the Teams or Zoom meeting can be joined by the workshop team, an all-hands town hall style meeting or any employee who doesn’t have access to a dedicated conferencing meeting room.

A simple upgrade to the conferencing trolley means that it can be utilised for digital signage in a showroom, gaining full utilisation of the trolley when not used, or to present safety statistics or business performance results.

The conferencing trolleys are well presented with a quality installation, which means that no messy cables are on show and also allow for a very quick assembly – allowing the business to get on with their meetings with no downtime to upgrade a meeting room.

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The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by AVIXA. AVIXA is the association representing the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience industry worldwide.

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