The SoundPoint Experience

The SoundPoint Experience

A bit about SoundPoint…..

After 15 years’ in the commercial audio visual business, I began to see more and more people unhappy with the quality of their AV systems. And it always seemed to be for the same reasons. Whether it was frustrations with cheap and nasty products, a poor quality install or a terrible design, it felt like the industry had lost its way and professionalism had gone out the window.

I had certainly felt these frustrations over the years. When I was working for Bose Professional, I saw many jobs that had Bose specified in the AV design swapped out for a cheaper speaker and amplifier range once the job had been won. Or Bose speakers teamed up with a cheap and nasty amplifier which was a waste on such good speakers. And what was making it worse, was that clients were often unhappy with the quality of their AV system. It didn’t deliver what they needed – they couldn’t hear it – they couldn’t use it – they didn’t get what was specified (and what they paid for) and it just became a waste of money.

So I felt like I needed to make a choice – get out of the Audio Visual industry as well, or try and make a change. To bring AV back to the professional standard that it should be. And that is how SoundPoint was born. Whilst most commercial audio visual companies either specialise in AV consulting and design or just AV installations, no one was really doing a combination of the two. And by doing both, I know I could best control the quality of an AV system from the design through to the end user experience. And my practical industry experience allowed me a much greater understanding of how particular speakers work in certain AV environments– and what works best. In particular, the value of proper commissioning of the system to ensure it is tailored to the unique requirements of the particular venue. Whether the system is installed in a church, a boardroom, a restaurant or a school hall, each system will work differently.

So the SoundPoint experience is a little different from most other AV companies. We won’t fight in a race to the bottom in a cheap and nasty install. We won’t cut corners on the design, cabling and installation. And when we commission and hand over the system, a full training manual is provided with all the AV designs and plans – everything is tailored for your fit out.

So that is a little about how SoundPoint came to be. Should you like to discuss your commercial audio visual system and requirements, please get in touch.


The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by AVIXA. AVIXA is the association representing the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience industry worldwide.

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